Our Mission

We provide a protected place where Big Ideas can be

captured, encouraged and developed.

We coined it: “Co-Ideate.”

Co-Ideation Timeline
Cognitio Pencil

Our Creations

We have created three innovative tools to help you

captured, encourage and develop your own ideas.

Capture Big Ideas.
Ignite Sparks.

IdeaJot is a web-based platform that allows anyone to capture their Big Ideas into Sparks, Ignite the Sparks and Co-Ideate with others via simple management and social-aware development tools. This means whether you are on your phone, tablet or home computer, you can access it at from any web device. You can securely access, organize and compose your ideas wherever you happen to be.

Innovation Atlas
Where can
Innovation and Social Change
happen in our world today?
Innovation Atlas

The Innovation Atlas sheds light on the changing landscape of technological and social advancement potential in the world, by measuring a country’s ability to foster an environment of innovation. It also ranks how receptive a particular country might be to assimilating innovations created on a global scale.

Co-Ideate Blog
Encourage and
Develop your ideas.
Co-Ideate Blog

Come and see what the Co-Ideate Blog is about. Our tagline, and some insight on how you can join us in making a difference in enabling innovation for those that have never had that chance. Anyone can have a great idea and we want to give everyone the ability to develop it, to impact our world for the better.

Come Co-Ideate together.

Join Us!