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Amazon lost $5 billion in value after a sort-of accurate Trump tweet

By Pavithra Mohan All it took was 137 characters at 6:12 a.m. for Amazon’s valuation to drop more than $5 billion on Wednesday.

Feng Zhang to share Albany Medical Prize

By McGovern Institute for Brain Research Feng Zhang, a member of the McGovern Institute for Brain Research and an associate professor in the

Julia Kaganskiy: Navigating the Unknown

By The 99U Team About this talk
As director of arts and technology incubator NEW INC, Julia Kaganskiy helps creatives and makers navigate everything

After Charlottesville, PayPal says it won’t do business with hate groups

By Daniel Terdiman PayPal today put out a statement that it works to ensure that its “services are not used to accept payments

Researchers clarify mystery about proposed battery material

By David L. Chandler | MIT News Office Battery researchers agree that one of the most promising possibilities for future battery technology is

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich is just the latest exec to ditch Trump’s manufacturing council

By Marcus Baram The exec announced late on Monday that he would stop advising the president, following in the footsteps of Under Armour

Irene Au: The Architecture of Creative Collaboration

By The 99U Team About this talk
Khosla Ventures design partner Irene Au learned some of her most valuable design lessons not from the

Case study suggests new approach to urban water supply

By Peter Dizikes | MIT News Office If you live in the developed world, safe water is usually just a faucet-turn away. And

Why Yvonne Orji’s Molly Is The Most Necessary Character On “Insecure”

By KC Ifeanyi In season two of “Insecure,” the character Molly is shouldering two weighty and need-to-be-discussed issues facing black women.
Much like so

Deadly violence erupts in Kenya following contested, fake news-fueled election

By Alex Pasternack A day after protests and riots erupted in the wake of Kenya’s contested election, the country’s commission on human rights