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Barry Schwartz – The Way We Think about Work Is Broken


Learn from Barry Schwartz in a great TED talk about why work today is broken and what we need to do to fix it.

The Future of “Fair”

By Jonathan Kahn

Will the infantile sharing economy even get a chance to breathe life into the market’s struggle for pricing leverage or “fair value” ? Granted there is some

Great Ideas: Where Do They Come From?

Recently there has been some research coming out that seems to indicate it is our unconscious mind that creates creative solutions or discovers good ideas, rather than the deliberate process of conscious thinking. For example, researchers

Sustaining Innovation

Sure, innovation happens from time to time, but can we sustain it?

In the ‘90s, business professor Clayton Christensen noticed something strange about companies that failed despite having supposedly excellent management. They’d been blindsided by innovations,

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Progress toward a Zika vaccine

By Anne Trafton | MIT News Office Using a new strategy that can

Apple’s Augmented Reality Debut Will Look More Like Pokeman Than Magic Leap

By Mark Sullivan When Apple launches its much-anticipated foray into augmented reality, it

Gwyneth Paltrow Wants To Put Her Goop Inside You

By Rina Raphael Goop enters the $37 billion nutritional supplements industry, but not

Tiny bacterium provides window into whole ecosystems

By David L. Chandler | MIT News Office William Blake may have seen

Nobody’s Better Than You

By mccue99u Many years ago, when I was young and things didn’t go

This Ice Cream Is Made From Food Waste (It’s Delicious)

By Eillie Anzilotti The Portland-based Salt & Straw is releasing a new series

The War For Talent Is Over, And Everyone Lost

By Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic and Adam Yearsley Two decades ago, McKinsey researchers saw

Tom Colicchio Wants To Transform How We Think About Food Policy

By Neal Ungerleider The Top Chef star dishes it out on aid to

There’s More To The Smartphone Nostalgia Trip Than Meets The Eye

By Mike Elgan New phones harken back to the golden age of Nokia,

“Virtual batteries” could lead to cheaper, cleaner power

By Larry Hardesty | MIT News Office In the power grid, supply and

True Grit: How to Build Up Your Resilience

By mccue99u Whether we’re talking about a great novelist like John Irving or

#AcumenGG17 Day 3 Recap

By Andrew Bowe The time has come. What a whirlwind the last three

Toward printable, sensor-laden “skin” for robots

By Larry Hardesty | MIT News Office In this age of smartphones and

Some News From Your Friends At Co.Exist

By Morgan Clendaniel We’re moving…

Engaged neighbors

By Ken Shulman | School of Architecture and Planning MIT faculty, students, and

A Brief History of the Pencil, as told by a Pencil Aficionando

By mccue99u Caroline Weaver, the owner of CW Pencil Enterprise, a specialty pencil

Making better decisions when outcomes are uncertain

By Larry Hardesty | MIT News Office Markov decision processes are mathematical models

Worm-inspired material strengthens, changes shape in response to its environment

By Carolyn Schmitt | Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering A new material

This Is Horrifying: Spiders Eat Twice As Much Flesh As Humans Every Year

By Charlie Sorrel But don’t freak out: The 400 to 800 million tons

This Coffee Shop Is Staffed Entirely By New Refugees, To Help Them Get On Their Feet

By Jenara Nerenberg 1951 Coffee Company was founded by refugee workers to help

People Living In High-Crime Areas Respect The Law, But Distrust The Police

By Charlie Sorrel People in highly policed neighborhoods don’t have many complaints about

The Oceans Are Warming 13% Faster Than Anyone Thought

By Charlie Sorrel That’s not good news for the planet.

This New Stationless Bike Share System Lets You Lock The Bike Anywhere

By Adele Peters Spin, just launched in Austin, does away with the traditional

Timberland’s New Line Is Made From Trash Collected From The Streets In Haiti

By Adele Peters The collaboration with recycling organization Thread means you could wear

Conquering metal fatigue

By David L. Chandler | MIT News Office Metal fatigue can lead to

This Juice Company Is Actually Just A Clever Weed Company

By Charlie Sorrel HighSpeed wants to deliver you an improbably expensive juice. Would

Iodine may protect batteries

By Denis Paiste | Materials Processing Center Researchers at MIT and Carnegie Mellon

Preventing LA’s Tech Scene From Repeating Silicon Valley’s Philanthropic Mistakes

By Ben Paynter As LA’s startup scene continues to grow, a new initiative

What Women Can Do

By Yasmina Zaidman In these uncertain times, when progress towards a more just

Instead Of Ads, These Billboards Showcase Nature

By Adele Peters The DesertX exhibition reminds drivers that even though they’re in

A light rain can spread soil bacteria far and wide, study finds

By Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office A good rain can have a

For Every $1 Spent On Reducing Food Waste, Companies Save $14

By Eillie Anzilotti To help curb the billions of tons of food discarded

Electrons go superballistic

By David L. Chandler | MIT News Office A new finding by physicists

An Introduction to Acumen’s Energy Impact Series.

By Tom Adams We live in a world that is piloting driverless cars

Artificial data gives the same results as real data — without compromising privacy

By Stefanie Koperniak | Institute for Data, Systems, and Society Although data scientists

The Calorie Cloud Turns American Weight Loss Into Developing World Food Aid

By Ben Paynter MANA wants to deliver nutrition to the developing world—it’s doing

MIT researchers create new form of matter

By Julia C. Keller | School of Science MIT physicists have created a

Imagining A Future Where Autonomous Cars Let Everyone Carpool

By Adele Peters Ideo tries to design a system that would result in

Acumen Fellows Global Gathering Set to Convene 300 Social Entrepreneurs

By Acumen Something extraordinary is about to happen.
In less than two weeks, Acumen

Mexico’s Sugary-Drink Tax Cut Consumption By Almost 10% Last Year

By Charlie Sorrel That’s a lot of empty calories avoided.

The power of perceptions

By Peter Dizikes | MIT News Office For all the fact-checking and objective

Boston Dynamic’s New Leaping Robot Dog Is Pretty Cute Before It Kills You

By Charlie Sorrel Handle looks like a dog playing on its back legs

[email protected]

By Lauren Hinkel | Oceans at MIT A new online publication, [email protected], reports

This Superfood Fuels Social Good

By Ben Paynter Kuli Kuli is trying to introduce moringa as the next

“Indian Winter” Documents The End Of Standing Rock–And The Determination To Fight On

By Alex Pasternack Meet some of the water protectors who are determined to

MIT researchers inform World Food Program work to reduce post-harvest losses

By Lauren McKown | D-Lab According to the World Food Program (WFP), nearly

What Kind Of Draconian Rules Will It Take To Actually Keep Bike Lanes Clear?

By Charlie Sorrel Toronto has issued new guidelines about how construction and street

Why Local Businesses Shouldn’t Worry About Eliminating On-Street Parking

By Charlie Sorrel Only a tiny fraction of people who parked on a

3Q: Julien de Wit on the discovery of seven temperate, nearby worlds

By Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office Today, an international team including astronomers

Speaking the Right Language: How to Communicate to Creators and Sellers

By Kiana S. It’s not unusual to come home from a once-in-a-lifetime trip—say,

Tiny fibers open new windows into the brain

By David L. Chandler | MIT News Office For the first time ever,

The First 100% Recyclable Carpets Are Here

By Eillie Anzilotti Traditional carpets take up the second-largest amount of U.S. landfill

New resource for optical chips

By Larry Hardesty | MIT News Office The Semiconductor Industry Association has estimated

Strength in numbers

By Sarah C. Baldwin | Department of Political Science Thanks to smartphones, millions

Seattle Plans To Improve Road Safety By Replacing Traffic Signals With Stop Signs

By Charlie Sorrel Just this one trick works remarkably well in reducing speed,

Income inequality linked to export “complexity”

By Larry Hardesty | MIT News Office In a series of papers over

These 5 Mindsets Make Nonprofits Successful

By Ben Paynter Simple lessons from a survey of the most successful aid

Modeling the unequal benefits of U.S. environmental policy

By Mark Dwortzan | MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global

How A Rural Mississippi Town Created A New Local Economy To Rebuild Its Main Street

By Adele Peters Ten years ago, Water Valley, Mississippi had fallen on hard

Motivated by the thrill of discovery

By Denis Paiste | Materials Processing Center There are many kinds of frustration.

Your Fleece Jacket Is Polluting The Ocean: This Laundry Bag Can Help

By Adele Peters The Guppy Friend keeps the microfibers from synthetic clothes from

Coming together for immuno-oncology

By Koch Institute Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited and MIT’s Koch Institute for Integrative

Amos Kennedy Jr.: From Corporate Analyst To Modern-Day Artisan

By The 99U Team At age 40, Amos Kennedy Jr. walked into a

To Meet Its Paris Climate Pledges, The EU Will Have To Stop Using Coal By 2030

By Charlie Sorrel Solar and wind power are on the increase across Europe,

Scientists make huge dataset of nearby stars available to public

By Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office The search for planets beyond our

How to Run a Studio with Your Spouse

By mccue99u Stefanie Weigler and David Heasty eat practically every meal together because,

This Smart Jacket Helps Doctors Diagnose Pneumonia In Toddlers

By Adele Peters Designed in Uganda, the Mamaope uses innovative sensor technology to

Social Entrepreneurs Stand Up to White House in Defense of Muslim Rights

By Acumen Yesterday, more than 170 global heads of social entrepreneurship organizations, including

In Oslo, The Government Is Giving Citizens Grants To Buy Electric Cargo Bikes

By Adele Peters If you want to ditch your car for a cleaner

The City Of Seattle Has Voted To Stop Using Wells Fargo As Its Bank

By Adele Peters In response to the bank’s funding of the Dakota Access

9th Annual 99U Conference: Speakers Announced!

By The 99U Team Each year, we pack the Adobe 99U Conference with

Stars align in test supporting “spooky action at a distance”

By Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office Quantum entanglement may appear to be

Faculty highlight: Senthil Todadri

By Denis Paiste | Materials Processing Center Mother nature is like a restless

This Food Startup Staffed By Refugees Doubled Its Sales After The Travel Ban

By Adele Peters Eat Offbeat features chefs from around the world cooking hard-to-find

An Interview with President Obama’s White House Photographer Pete Souza

By Kiana S. For the past eight years, former Chief White House photographer,

3 Questions with Richard Nielsen: How political science helps combat terrorism

By School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences Science and technology are essential

This Contest Is Looking For Innovative Solutions To Emergency Food Crises

By Ben Paynter The World Food Programme and Singularity University are using an

Microbial manufacturing

By Rob Matheson | MIT News Office Using advanced fermentation technology, industrial biotech

The Netherlands Keeps Closing Prisons Because It Doesn’t Have Enough Prisoners

By Charlie Sorrel Crime is down, and sentences are, too.

Wearable AI system can detect a conversation's tone

By Adam Conner-Simons | Rachel Gordon | CSAIL It’s a fact of nature

This Cardboard Emergency Drone Is Designed Not To Come Back

By Ben Schiller Drones are expensive and you usually want them back, which

Testing strategies for preventing violence and crime

By J-PAL North America J-PAL North America, a research center at MIT, has

Thanks To Climate Change, The World’s Storms Are Getting More Dangerous

By Charlie Sorrel The world’s “heat engine” is revving up, and powering deadly

This New Riverside Park In Dallas Is Designed To Fill With Water When It Floods

By Eillie Anzilotti The 10,000-acre Trinity River Park creates much-needed civic space along

Three Female Conflict Zone Photographers Discuss the Challenges of Front Line Work

By mccue99u It’s tough to imagine a job that’s more harrowing, or more

Explained: Greenhouse gases

By David L. Chandler | MIT News Office When hearing the words “greenhouse

Projecting food, water, energy, climate and other global changes

By Mark Dwortzan | MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global

Why Waste Plastic On Produce Stickers When We Could Use Lasers?

By Eillie Anzilotti Zapping the skin of fruits and vegetables not only looks

A Driver’s License Can be Revoked for the Elderly, but Artistic License? Never.

By mccue99u She was due for retirement. Try telling her that.
Louise Fili, the

Nuclear Power Is Growing In The Gulf As The Middle East Tries To Find A Future After Oil

By Charlie Sorrel The Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant in the United Arab Emirates

What can we learn from lottery spending?

By Sonny Oram | School of Architecture and Planning What can we learn

Each Dot On This Map Is A Place Where A Person Of Color Was Lynched

By Adele Peters The project on the history of lynching offers historical details

Better wisdom from crowds

By Peter Dizikes | MIT News Office The wisdom of crowds is not

In Buffalo, A New Zoning Code Prioritizes People, Not Cars

By Charlie Sorrel Now you can build a new building and not include

Rob Vargas: How to Design a Magazine Cover without Subject Cooperation

By mccue99u These days the national magazine cover can feel a little tired

Gently Break Out Of Your Bubble With This App That Acclimates You To Different Views

By Adele Peters Read Across the Aisle figures out what kind of news

Energy-efficient design

By Nancy W. Stauffer | MIT Energy Initiative Designing energy-efficient buildings can be

Meet Our 2017 Regional Fellows

By Acumen
We are excited to kick off the new year by introducing

This 750-Mile Trail Could Create A Bike Path Across New York State

By Eillie Anzilotti A proposed car-free path from New York City to Canada

Faster websites with fewer bugs

By Larry Hardesty | MIT News Office Today, loading a web page on

You Can Travel With This Tiny Folding Bike As Your Carry-on Luggage

By Adele Peters The Kwiggle lets you take your bike with you anywhere

SMART automation

By Catherine Marguerite | Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology Daniela Rus loves

Instrument — Portland

By Kiana S.

Like any good UX designer, Hooge started mapping out

Cleantech Job Fair in SF on February 10

By Staff
The Cleantech Open will be hosting a job fair on Friday,

This Swedish Billboard Coughs When A Smoker Walks By

By Charlie Sorrel You know it’s time to quit when you’re making inanimate

Why Unrest is Gold for Creatives

By mccue99u I became an artist at the age of 13, when a

This 20-Cent Paper Centrifuge Uses The Physics Of A Child’s Toy To Lower Lab Costs

By Adele Peters Rapidly spinning blood is an important step in diagnosing diseases,

This Old Industrial District In Finland Is Transforming Into A Sustainable Village

By Eillie Anzilotti A former industrial powerhouse, the city of Tampere is reinventing

Study tracks “memory” of soil moisture

By David L. Chandler | MIT News Office The top 2 inches of

Watch This Short Film On How Cities Have Shaped The World–And What Comes Next

By Charlie Sorrel Oscar Boyson’s “The Future Of Cities” asks where cities can

How to Beat the Imposter Syndrome Feeling

By mccue99u Every other creative professional you know has succeeded largely because of

Technique enables adaptable 3-D printing

By Anne Trafton | MIT News Office Three-dimensional printing technology makes it possible

Designing the Next Generation of Condom Packaging

By mccue99u It’s hard to make a splash in condoms, despite it being

To Clean Its Air, Paris Is Kicking Cars Off More Major Streets

By Adele Peters The French capital has made major progress in redesigning the

Las Vegas’s New Streetlights Are Powered By The Sun And Tourist Footsteps

By Adele Peters Two natural resources the city has in abundance.

How photosynthetic pigments harvest light

By Anne Trafton | MIT News Office Plants and other photosynthetic organisms use

Split-second data mapping

By Rob Matheson | MIT News Office People generally associate graphic processing units

This Quiz Will Guide You Toward The Best Place To Donate

By Ben Paynter If you’re itching to give some money away, a few

Short-lived greenhouse gases cause centuries of sea-level rise

By Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office Even if there comes a day

This Electric Bus Recharges At Bus Stops In Just A Few Minutes

By Adele Peters As part of Sweden’s plan to eliminate fossil-fuel vehicles by

Model sheds light on purpose of inhibitory neurons

By Larry Hardesty | MIT News Office Researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and

Shocker: Hands-Free Phones Distract Drivers Just As Much As Regular Phones

By Charlie Sorrel It’s not the driving with one hand that’s the problem,

Researchers design one of the strongest, lightest materials known

By David L. Chandler | MIT News Office A team of researchers at

A Q&A with Nalden

By Kiana S. Nalden, the entrepreneur with a single name is not a

Twin wins for planetary exploration

By Helen Hill | EAPS The Psyche mission, a journey to a metal

See How Vancouver Built Itself Into An Urban Transportation Success Story

By Charlie Sorrel Vancouver has managed a near-miraculous transformation of its city transportation.

Rethinking how we get around

By Mark Dwortzan | MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global

A Q&A with Nalden

By mccue99u Nalden, the entrepreneur with a single name is not a creative

How Nonprofits Are Using Instagram To Tell Their Stories In A New Way

By Ben Paynter Always shy about experimentation, some forward thinking organizations like the

What If Your Clothes Were A Solar Panel?

By Charlie Sorrel Never lose battery life again, with new fibers that can

The Design Culture Calendar: January

By mccue99u Tatsuo Mayajima’s “Connect with Everything” installation at the Museum of Contemporary

Study finds more extreme storms ahead for California

By Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office On Dec. 11, 2014, a freight

Looking Back At The World Changing Ideas Of 2016

By Morgan Clendaniel From the end of work to the end of cash,

The Self-Driving Cars Will Either Kill Us Or Smile At Us: 2016 In Transportation

By Charlie Sorrel Plus: a video of an eagle destroying a drone.

Technique could yield hyperprecise gravitational measurements

By Larry Hardesty | MIT News Office Atom interferometry is the most sensitive

Renewables Are Winning, But The Fight Just Got Harder: 2016 In Energy

By Ben Schiller Most countries, cities, and companies now agree: We need a

Bots, bit flips, and catching the bus

By Alison F. Takemura | Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Imagine

The Home Office Is Being Replaced By Open-Plan, Flexible Home Work Spaces

By Charlie Sorrel Why work from a desk when you can work from

New tool calculates benefits of building hazard-resistant structures

By Anne Wilson Yu | MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub Hazard-induced maintenance costs can

This Website Will Help You Track What Congress Is Doing

By Adele Peters Most of the time, you probably have no idea what

Watching The Earth’s CO2 Move Through The Atmosphere Is Oddly Relaxing

By Adele Peters Just don’t start thinking about what happens when our planet

Scientists detect a quantum crystal of electrons and “watch” it melt

By Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office For the first time, MIT physicists

Chikang Li brings the Crab Nebula to the lab

By Paul Rivenberg | Plasma Science and Fusion Center Senior research scientist Chikang

This New “Mobility Service” App Will Help Helsinki Ditch Car Ownership

By Adele Peters Using Whim, one monthly payment gets you access to public

New study sets oxygen-breathing limit for ocean’s hardiest organisms

By Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office Around the world, wide swaths of

Ingestible robots, glasses-free 3-D, and computers that explain themselves

By Rachel Gordon | CSAIL Machines that predict the future, robots that patch

All Construction Sites Need A Disco-Ball Cement Mixer

By Charlie Sorrel Why would you possible use a regular cement mixer after

Taking a leap in bioinspired robotics

By Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office In the not so distant future,

Will Trump’s Tax Plan Hurt Philanthropy?

By Ben Paynter He wants to limit the tax benefits of donating to

Making big data manageable

By Larry Hardesty | MIT News Office One way to handle big data

This Blockchain App Helps Migrant Workers Safely Send Money Home

By Adele Peters Everex lets people working abroad support their family without interacting

Humans Are Terrible At Taking Back Control From Autonomous Cars

By Charlie Sorrel What happens when you’re not paying attention and suddenly have

Student product ideas range from lifesaving to just plain fun

By David L. Chandler | MIT News Office The theme for this year’s

Nate Laurell Joins Acumen’s Board of Directors

By Acumen We are pleased to announce Nate Laurell as the newest addition

This Chrome Extension Brings Gender Balance To Google Image Search

By Adele Peters In Google’s eyes, men and engineers and women are nurses.

Foiling cyberattackers with rerandomization

By Dorothy Ryan | Lincoln Laboratory When it comes to protecting data from

Study: Mobile-money services lift Kenyans out of poverty

By Rob Matheson | MIT News Office Since 2008, MIT economist Tavneet Suri

Experts gather at MIT to urge more innovation in health care delivery

By J-PAL North America Nearly 200 leading health care scholars, practitioners, and providers

Learning words from pictures

By Larry Hardesty | MIT News Office Speech recognition systems, such as those

Congratulations to the 2016 Pakistan Fellows!

By Acumen Last month, Acumen held a celebration ceremony for the Pakistan Fellows

Lincoln Laboratory is honored with the Herschel Award

By Dorothy Ryan | Lincoln Laboratory At the recent 2016 Military Sensing Symposia

How the brain recognizes faces

By Larry Hardesty | MIT News Office MIT researchers and their colleagues have

How Laolu Senbanjo Overcame Parental Objection to Pursue a Career in the Arts

By mccue99u The city of Ilorin in Western Nigeria is home to generations

Acumen and the United States Agency for International Development announce a new $1 million investment for their Investing for Peace Fund

By Acumen Acumen and the U.S. Embassy announced today a $1 million investment

Forget the Career Ladder: Start Creating Assets

By Mark McGuinness
When you follow a creative path, you won’t find any

LIGO back online, ready for more discoveries

By Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office Today, scientists restarted the twin detectors

Creating videos of the future

By Adam Conner-Simons | Rachel Gordon | CSAIL Living in a dynamic physical

Inside tiny tubes, water turns solid when it should be boiling

By David L. Chandler | MIT News Office It’s a well-known fact that

New method for analyzing crystal structure

By David L. Chandler | MIT News Office A new technique developed by

Enhancing education from pre-K to MIT and beyond

By Office of Digital Learning To improve education — whether pK-12, college, professional

Forging ahead on climate action

By Emily Dahl | MIT Energy Initiative Last year, participants in the Paris

Mother New York

By mbrooksnyc Dangling above the bar is a large collection of copper pots

MIT Lincoln Laboratory garners six 2016 R&D 100 Awards

By Dorothy Ryan | Lincoln Laboratory On Nov. 3 at the honors banquet

Enabling China to shift from coal to natural gas

By Mark Dwortzan | MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global

My New Book: Productivity for Creative People

By Mark McGuinness My new book, Productivity for Creative People, has just been

Seeking to inform India’s climate policy choices

By Emily Dahl | MIT Energy Initiative The MIT Energy Initiative is sharing

At TechCon, science-based solutions for world issues

By Rob Matheson | MIT News Office This weekend, an MIT-hosted conference convened

Instrument: From 15-Person Production Shop to 130-Employee Digital Creative Agency

By mccue99u Instrument CEO Justin Lewis likens making the jump from a production

Researchers create synthetic cells to isolate genetic circuits

By Anne Trafton | MIT News Office Synthetic biology allows scientists to design

Cracking the code for dormant bacteria

By Anne Trafton | MIT News Office The genetic code that allows cells

Why Agriculture Could Be Automated Before Other Industries

By Ben Schiller The machines are coming for your produce.

A step toward biodegradable plastics

By Anne Trafton | MIT News Office MIT chemists have determined the structure

Creating therapies for Alzheimer's disease by targeting neural circuits

By Helen Knight | Picower Institute for Learning and Memory Age-related dementia will

A future of shared mobility

By School of Architecture and Planning The Senseable City Lab and the transportation

Acumen and GE Support Social Enterprises across Africa to Build Inclusive Businesses that Tackle the Problems of Poverty

By Acumen Nairobi, Kenya, 8 November 2016 – Acumen, in partnership with GE,

A new approach against Salmonella and other pathogens

By Anne Trafton | MIT News Office Researchers from MIT and the University

The Upside to Being a Designer Outside of New York

By mccue99u Design firms may dominate big cities like New York, Los Angeles,

Faster programs, easier programming

By Larry Hardesty | MIT News Office Dynamic programming is a technique that

Joern Callies and Jill McDermott win Carl-Gustaf Rossby Awards for PhD theses

By Lauren Hinkel | Oceans at MIT Joern Callies PhD ’16 and Jill

English’s Crazy Spelling Makes Us Think Differently Than More Orderly Languages

By Charlie Sorrel The structure of the language itself changes the way we

Laser particles could provide sharper images of tissues

By Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office A new imaging technique developed by

A new twist on airplane wing design

By David L. Chandler | MIT News Office When the Wright brothers accomplished

What’s Causing Income Inequality In America? Government Policies That Help The Rich

By Charlie Sorrel When politicians consistently favor employers over workers, things get unequal

Predicting cancer cells’ response to chemotherapy

By Anne Trafton | MIT News Office Many chemotherapy drugs work by damaging

How Feeding Cows Seaweed Can Help Fight Climate Change

By Adele Peters The research is one approach among many to make cows

Nanobionic spinach plants can detect explosives

By Anne Trafton | MIT News Office Spinach is no longer just a

Daniel Oduntan: The Benefits of Taking the Longer Route

By mccue99u In the pursuit of an artistic career, there are those who

Why Pride is Good

By mccue99u It’s true that “hubristic pride” – when you feel pleased in

Taking the life-cycle perspective: Report addresses critical issues in building practices

By Anne Wilson Yu | Concrete Sustainability Hub What elements determine how much

The Most Detailed 3D World Map Ever Reveals A Changing Planet

By Adele Peters From glaciers to tropical rainforests, it’s now much easier to

Making computers explain themselves

By Larry Hardesty | MIT News Office In recent years, the best-performing systems

This Reverse Alarm Clock Yawns To Remind You To Go To Bed On Time

By Adele Peters Sometimes our bodies and our brains need a reminder that

Why have solar energy costs fallen?

By Institute for Data, Systems, and Society MIT researchers have been awarded a

Watch A Rube Goldberg Machine Go Around The Country In 5 Minutes

By Adele Peters Teams in five cities collaborated to craft interlinked messages that

DKNG’s Dan Kuhlken and Nathan Goldman: Why Staying Small is the Goal

By seanblanda Maybe Dan Kuhlken and Nathan Goldman were never meant to be

Finding patterns in corrupted data

By Larry Hardesty | MIT News Office Data analysis — and particularly big-data

If Bike Thieves Try To Cut This Lock, It Makes Them Start Vomiting

By Adele Peters Even the most sophisticated bike thief isn’t going to want

3-D-printed structures shrink when heated

By Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office Almost all solid materials, from rubber

Austin’s Mandatory Smart Thermostats Allow The Power Company To Turn Down Your AC

By Charlie Sorrel The city is requiring all new homes to install one,

Mira Nakashima: There are No Shortcuts to Making Great Work

By mccue99u Before her father George passed away in 1990, Mira Nakashima, “only

Quantifying urban revitalization

By Larry Hardesty | MIT News Office For years, researchers at the MIT

In Haiti, A Startup Is Building 100% Renewable Grids For Towns With No Power

By Adele Peters After Hurricane Matthew, the company was able to restore power

Automating big-data analysis

By Larry Hardesty | MIT News Office Last year, MIT researchers presented a

GoFundMe Just Hit $3 Billion In Total Donations

By Ben Paynter The crowdfunding site raised its most recent billion dollars in

Study: With Medicaid, ER visits remain high for two years

By Peter Dizikes | MIT News Office People enrolled in Medicaid significantly increase

These Solar Panels Pull Clean Drinking Water Straight From The Air

By Adele Peters With pilot programs in Ecuador, Jordan, Mexico, and the U.S.,

Ustwo Rethinks the Agency Business Model

By mccue99u In an era of lightning-fast disruption and innovation, savvy creative agencies

With new model, buildings may “sense” internal damage

By Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office When a truck rumbles by a

“Big Bet” Philanthropy Can Pay Off Remarkably, But Remember It’s A Bet

By Ben Paynter A new report explains how foundations can make true social

Making a splash in health care economics

By Peter Dizikes | MIT News Office When Heidi Williams was in the

How Zipcar Is Reducing Car Congestion On College Campuses

By Ben Schiller Today young adults are abandoning car ownership in droves—and that’s

How to Fix Design

By Kiana S. No one likes dealing with problems. They force us to

Stretchy optical fibers for implanting in the body

By Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office Researchers from MIT and Harvard Medical

Faculty highlight: Robert Macfarlane

By Denis Paiste | Materials Processing Center As a graduate student and postdoc,

When It Comes To Yawns In The Animal Kingdom, Humans Are Best In Class

By John Converse Townsend Did you know that the length of your yawn

High-intensity fusion

By Meg Murphy | School of Engineering Pablo Rodriguez Fernandez is hunched over

CRISPR Gene Editing Is Making Huge Strides In Curing Sickle Cell Disease

By Adele Peters Changing the DNA of a person’s bone marrow lets it

A New Law To Protect Sexual Assault Survivors Means Rape Kits Are No Longer Disposable

By Jessica Leber Due to a push by 24-year-old activist Amanda Nguyen, President

Electron-phonon interactions affect heat dissipation in computer chips

By Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office In the coming years, as more

This App Wants To Help Parents Diagnose Autism Early

By Kathy Chin Leong ASDetect says it gives parents the ability to screen

The Designer Conundrum: Where Does Blue Sky Thinking Meet with Reality?

By mccue99u Product designer Bryan Le works for a real estate agency, which

Designing for 3-D printing

By Rachel Gordon | CSAIL 3-D printing has progressed over the last decade

Giant Meat Producer Tyson Foods Buys Into Beyond Meat And The Fake Meat Movement

By Jessica Leber Big meat eats fake meat: Now Tyson owns 5% of

A new strategy for choosing cancer drugs

By Anne Trafton | MIT News Office Choosing the best treatment for a

Give Emergency Aid To Haiti, But Then Keep Giving To Fund Long-Term Solutions

By Adele Peters After the country has recovered from hurricane Matthew, it will

Team simulates a magnetar to seek dark matter particle

By Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office MIT physicists are proposing a new

Canada Is Introducing A Nationwide Carbon Tax. Could The U.S. Be Next?

By Ben Schiller More politicians are taking the idea of a tax on

How to Look Smart in Meetings

By mccue99u In most languages, the world “meetings” loosely translates to “death by

Manufacturing microspheres

By Larry Hardesty | MIT News Office Microencapsulation, in which a tiny particle

How Nike And Michael J. Fox Envision The Future of Fundraising

By Ben Paynter The shoe company is releasing a rare edition of a

Beaver-inspired wetsuits in the works

By Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office Beavers and sea otters lack the

Cashless Society Gets Closer: Now You Can Make Payments Using Apple’s Messages

By Charlie Sorrel No cash, no cards, no apps, just send money via

The 99U Conference 2017: Tickets Now Available

By The 99U Team Ticketing is now open for the 99U Conference, returning

Changing the face of conservatism in the U.S.

By Peter Dizikes | MIT News Office In 1966, when the conservative writer

YouTube Go Is Video Sharing For The Developing World, No Internet Connection Needed

By Charlie Sorrel By routing around the telcos, it can also route around

Benoit Forget: Unraveling complexities of nuclear reactors

By David Chandler | MIT News Office In order to devise new designs

Scientists identify neurons devoted to social memory

By Anne Trafton | MIT News Office Mice have brain cells that are

Nanosensors could help determine tumors’ ability to remodel tissue

By Anne Trafton | MIT News Office MIT researchers have designed nanosensors that

Jesse Genet: Finding Promising Business Ideas Hidden in Plain Sight

By mccue99u “When I grow up, I want to run a supply chain

Acumen and the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship Launch New Report on Unlikely Partnerships for Inclusive Business

By Acumen New York, NY – Acumen, the nonprofit global venture fund, and

Researchers find explanation for interacting giant, hidden ocean waves

By Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office In certain parts of the ocean,

Pinpointing a brain circuit that can keep fears at bay

By Becky Ham | MIT News correspondent People who are too frightened of

Alex Schleifer: Designing the Perfect In-House Partnerships

By mccue99u Typically, top design executives report to business-minded CEOs who know far

Q&A: How Twitter explains the 2016 election

By Peter Dizikes | MIT News Office During an intense U.S. presidential campaign,

How to power up graphene implants without frying cells

By Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office In the future, our health may

‘Embrace failure’ Acumen’s CIO Urges Impact Investors

By Acumen An assertion crucial to the increasing popularity of impact investing was

To produce biopharmaceuticals on demand, just add water

By Anne Trafton | MIT News Office Researchers at MIT and other institutions

Automated screening for childhood communication disorders

By Larry Hardesty | MIT News Office For children with speech and language

Maxx Burman: Stepping Away From Hollywood for Personal Creative Satisfaction

By mccue99u If Maxx Burman does his job right, you won’t even notice

Get My New Book FREE: Productivity for Creative People

By Mark McGuinness My new book, Productivity for Creative People, has just been

Cache management improved once again

By Larry Hardesty | MIT News Office A year ago, researchers from MIT’s

A Lesson in Bridging the Education Gap for Families Living in Poverty

By Riya Saxena It is estimated that one billion people will be without

Sound system

By Peter Dizikes | MIT News Office In English, declarative sentences do not

Don’t Let Email Zombies Eat Up Your Day

By Kiana S. Let’s face it: Email is killing our productivity. The average

Blueprints for renewal

By Peter Dizikes | MIT News Office Most of us have looked at

Drive-by monitoring for urban streetlights

By David L. Chandler | MIT News Office Is there a streetlight burned

Solve at HUBweek offers local showcase, global springboard for solutions to society’s challenges

By Jonathan Mingle | MIT News correspondent How can the benefits of the

Calculating the financial risks of renewable energy

By Rob Matheson | MIT News Office For investors, deciding whether to invest

Delivering beneficial bacteria to the GI tract

By Anne Trafton | MIT News Office The human digestive tract contains trillions

Jason Fried: Make “Creative Destruction” a Regular Part of Your Routine

By The 99U Team About this presentation
“The easiest thing to do is become

Faster parallel computing

By Larry Hardesty | MIT News Office In today’s computer chips, memory management

Fall in Love with the Problem, Not the Solution

By seanblanda The explosion of “design thinking” mentions in corporate settings has completed

Benefiting human health through engineering

By Catherine Curro Caruso | MIT News Office When Anasuya Mandal started her

MIT releases endowment figures for 2016

By MIT News Office The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Investment Management Company (MITIMCo)

Genomes, good news, and you

By Peter Dizikes | MIT News Office Personal genomics lets people evaluate their

Cap Watkins: Treat Your Life Like a User Experience Problem

By The 99U Team About the presentation
Too often, the product design, product management,

New applications for ultracapacitors

By Rob Matheson | MIT News Office Devices called ultracapacitors have recently become

Featured video: Seeing the unseen: Thank you to those who keep MIT running

By MIT News Office

Video by: Melanie Gonick/MIT News | 5 min 01

Young, Hungry, and Scrappy

By Kiana S. There is a fine line between perseverance and stalking in

Microchip enables fast, precise measurement of single-cell growth

By Rob Matheson | MIT News Office A new technique invented at MIT

This Solar-Powered Pipe Desalinates The Water That Flows Through It

By Adele Peters It’s called ‘The Pipe.” And if it works, it could

The teacher becomes the student

By Sarah McDonnell | MIT News Office As it does every year, MIT

Play Pac-Man For Potatoes, Help Fight Hunger

By Ben Paynter Gamers can now feed Pac-Man and a whole lot of

Jennifer Daniel: Stop Trying to Design Everything

By The 99U Team About this presentation
Social media puts an impossibly glossy shine

In batteries, a metal reveals its dual personality

By David L. Chandler | MIT News Office Battery researchers have been focusing

What We’re Learning Every Step of the Energy Ladder

By Acumen Over the last decade, Acumen has invested roughly $20 million in

Welcome To The Anthropocene: Scientists Say The Earth Has Entered A New Era

By Jessica Leber Humankind is now the strongest force shaping the planet.

GE joins MIT Energy Initiative to develop advanced technology solutions for transforming global energy systems

By MIT Energy Initiative

The MIT Energy Initiative announced today that GE will

A Science Backed-Guide to Taking Truly Restful Breaks  

By mccue99u When deadlines are looming, the phone keeps ringing, and your inbox

Inferring urban travel patterns from cellphone data

By Larry Hardesty | MIT News Office In making decisions about infrastructure development

3-D printed structures “remember” their shapes

By Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office Engineers from MIT and Singapore University

Tristan Walker: Don’t Overthink Your World-Changing Idea

By The 99U Team About this presentation
Walker & Co. Founder and CEO, Tristan

Using light to control genome editing

By Anne Trafton | MIT News Office The genome-editing system known as CRISPR

A mutual breakdown

By Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office Nature abounds with examples of mutualistic

Adopt New Tech Before Everyone Else

By mccue99u One glaring constant in your career is that the technology you’ll

Family and friends recall Drew Esquivel

By Kathy Wren | MIT News Office At a memorial service for Drew

Study reveals new physics of how fluids flow in porous media

By David L. Chandler | MIT News Office One of the most promising

Steven Pressfield’s New Book for Creators

By Mark McGuinness The book I recommend most often to my coaching clients

2014 Napa earthquake continued to creep, weeks after main shock

By Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office Nearly two years ago, on August

Timber Skyscrapers Aren’t Fantasy–Here’s The Research That Proves It

By Diana Budds The results of a new full-scale test by SOM could

Recording analog memories in human cells

By Anne Trafton | MIT News Office MIT biological engineers have devised a

Yuko Shimizu: Money or Control – Pick One.

By The 99U Team About this presentation
As creatives, we’re often put to the

This Weightlifter Danced Through The Olympics To Bring Attention To Climate Change

By John Converse Townsend After each of his lifts, David Katoatau did a

OPEN and Acumen Join Forces to Promote Pakistani Entrepreneurs Driving Social Change

By Acumen On July 29, the Organization of Pakistani Entrepreneurs (OPEN) and the

America’s First Offshore Wind Farm Is Almost Ready

By Jessica Leber Check out these photos of its impressive installation process.

Doubling battery power of consumer electronics

By Rob Matheson | MIT News Office An MIT spinout is preparing to

Dan Mall Shares His Design Trade Secrets

By seanblanda Everything from Dan Mall’s demeanor to the name of his company,

Improved threat-detection

By Rob Matheson | MIT News Office In response to the terrorist attacks

A Bike Helmet That Warns You If A Car Is Getting Too Close

By Adele Peters It’s not the first helmet to incorporate signals or cameras,

The Dangers of Being Too Hard On Yourself

By seanblanda There’s a mantra that pervades our culture: “No Pain, No Gain.”

An economist delves into charter schools

By Catherine Curro Caruso | MIT News correspondent Elizabeth Setren was a sophomore

Analog computing returns

By Larry Hardesty | MIT News Office A transistor, conceived of in digital

How to Fight Through Intellectual Discomfort

By mccue99u For professional athletes, facing and overcoming pain, adversity, and discomfort is

Feng Zhang named 2016 Tang Prize laureate

By Broad Institute
Feng Zhang, a core institute member of the Broad Institute,

Get Steven Pressfield’s New Book for Creators – Free

By Mark McGuinness The book I recommend most often to my coaching clients

Need hair? Press “print”

By Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office These days, it may seem as

Career-Propelling Money Advice for Creatives

By mccue99u The most important thing someone working in a creative business needs

Eye-tracking system uses ordinary cellphone camera

By Larry Hardesty | MIT News Office For the past 40 years, eye-tracking

MIT community mourns Orlando shooting victims with procession, vigil

By MIT News Office Several hundred members of the MIT community gathered Tuesday

Do You Have to Be a Jerk to Be Successful?

By seanblanda We all have goals: We want to matter. We want to

New solar absorber could improve efficiency of solar thermal technology

By MIT News Office The following is adapted from a Masdar Institute article

Artificial Intelligence Is Helping The Blind To Recognize Objects

By Ben Schiller The apps can even be trained by users to distinguish

Letter regarding vigil for Orlando shooting victims

By MIT News Office The following email was sent today to the MIT

MIT responds to concerning graduation data at Senior House

By MIT News Office Responding to data indicating a low graduation rate among

How to Expertly Define Your Ideas

By mccue99u Walk into any company brainstorm and it will sound like people

Mixing solids and liquids enhances optical properties of both

By Larry Hardesty | MIT News Office By immersing glass particles in a

Forbes 400 Honors Acumen Founder and CEO, Jacqueline Novogratz, with the Lifetime Achievement Award for Social Entrepreneurship

By Acumen On Thursday, Forbes hosted its fifth annual Forbes 400 Summit on

Scientists observe supermassive black hole feeding on cold gas

By Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office At the center of a galaxy

From Personal Project to a 40-Book Cover Commission

By mccue99u Breaking into the creative industry is a beast, whether you’re a

MIT to launch Hong Kong Innovation Node in June

By Terri Park | MIT Innovation Initiative MIT will announce the official launch

7 Reasons Why European Cities Are Going To Beat U.S. Cities As Hubs For Innovation

By Boyd Cohen The U.S. has the perception as the heart of global

New method snips complex fibers into uniform particles

By David L. Chandler | MIT News Office An interdisciplinary team of researchers

Nike’s Ultra-Sustainable Distribution Center Is So Clean It Uses Sheep Instead Of Lawn Mowers

By Adele Peters Most of the deliveries arrive directly by boat, the cranes

Matt Damon celebrates his “fake graduation” while addressing the Class of 2016

By David L. Chandler | MIT News Office Matt Damon, the world-renowned actor

“BURNing” The Battery

By Jo Opot On May 26, six renowned Bay Area chefs and more

The Chinese Government Is Telling Its Citizens To Eat Less Meat

By Jessica Leber The global impact of 1.3 billion Chinese people reducing their

MIT Corporation elects 10 term members, two life members

By MIT News Office The MIT Corporation — the Institute’s board of trustees

The Creative World’s Bullshit Industrial Complex

By seanblanda As editor of 99U, my inbox is (thankfully) filled with pitches

The 100 Person Project: Crowdsourcing Your Next Career Move

By seanblanda Shenee Howard was a talented brand strategist who was proud of

Demanding That Nonprofits Not Pay For Overhead Is Preventing Them From Doing Good

By Ben Paynter A new report highlights the damaging expectations we ask nonprofits

“Super Mario Brothers” is hard

By Larry Hardesty | MIT News Office Completing a game of “Super Mario

Empowering Women Through Manicures, In Colombia’s Once Most-Violent Neighborhood

By Jessica Leber In Comuna 13, where Pablo Escobar once reigned, a new

Startup launches theft-proof, weatherproof bikes

By Rob Matheson | MIT News Office Avid cyclist and serial entrepreneur Slava

The All-Electric Light Rider Is The World’s First 3-D Printed Motorcycle

By Charlie Sorrel Airbus has made the perfect city motorbike, but this kind

Sergeant John Carr, 25-year MIT Police veteran, dies at 52

By Chuck Leddy | MIT News correspondent Sergeant John Carr of the MIT

Automating DNA origami opens door to many new uses

By Helen Knight | MIT News correspondent Researchers can build complex, nanometer-scale structures

Portugal Just Ran For 4 Days Straight On Sun, Wind, And Water Power Alone

By Charlie Sorrel Can renewables provide most of our energy? Increasingly, the answer

This Underwater Camera System Will Help Fishermen Stop Their Indiscriminate Killing

By Ben Schiller Trawling nets snap up all kinds of ocean life by

New concept turns battery technology upside-down

By David L. Chandler | MIT News Office A new approach to the

Neuroscientists illuminate role of autism-linked gene

By Anne Trafton | MIT News Office A new study from MIT neuroscientists

London’s Bad Air Has The City Investing In An Electric Package Delivery Service

By Charlie Sorrel All those Amazon orders add up to a lot of

How to Work Alone

By seanblanda Being in a space that’s free from distractions while managing your

Five Reasons Social Enterprises Are Applying a Gender Lens to their Businesses

By Yasmina Zaidman There is article after article about why businesses and investors

Ex-Google Engineers Are Working On Making All Trucks That Drive Themselves

By Charlie Sorrel It may be that we see autonomous trucks on the

Hot new solar cell

By David L. Chandler | MIT News Office A team of MIT researchers

Why Trying to Become a Jack of All Trades Hurts Your Business

By mccue99u If you started your working life with one creative focus, and

Why This Artist Trained A Team Of French Poodles To Pull An Inuit Sled Through Paris

By Adele Peters Climate change isn’t just affecting places where ice is melting.

Speedy terahertz-based system could detect explosives

By Larry Hardesty | MIT News Office Terahertz spectroscopy, which uses the band

The Last Thing America’s Cities Need: An App For Apartment Rental Bidding Wars

By Jessica Leber It almost seems like a joke about high rents: Rentberry

New nanoparticle catalysts could reduce need for precious metals

By David L. Chandler | MIT News Office Materials that speed up a

How to Use Distraction to Your Advantage

By seanblanda Have you ever noticed that you find it difficult to ignore

Eric Lander wins faculty’s Killian Award

By Anne Trafton | MIT News Office Eric Lander, a biologist widely known

5 Books Bill Gates Says You Should Read This Summer

By Ben Schiller Science and sci-fi, on math, energy, and humanity.When he’s not

This App Translates Menus Into Photos Of Delicious Dishes

By Charlie Sorrel MenuMe is a smart way to decode foreign language menus.Did

New model from Masdar Institute-MIT collaboration to support a cooler, more sustainable Abu Dhabi

By MIT News Office The following is adapted from a Masdar Institute article

Teamwork enables bacterial survival

By Anne Trafton | MIT News Office A new study from MIT finds

Equity Crowdfunding Is Here: Now You Can Own A Share In A Startup’s Success (Or Failure)

By Ben Schiller The most revolutionary portion of the JOBS Act, passed in


By Acumen New York, NY – Acumen, the nonprofit global venture fund, announced

When The Data Bubble Bursts, Companies Will Have To Actually Sell Things Again

By Douglas Rushkoff We’re pushing the limits of how much of our economy

Study pinpoints timing of oxygen’s first appearance in Earth’s atmosphere

By Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office Today, 21 percent of the air

Lung cancer “breathalyzer” wins $100K Entrepreneurship Competition

By Rob Matheson | MIT News Office A team of MIT and Harvard

How Fairphone–The World’s Most Ethical Cell Phone–Stays Good

By Dan Pontefract The smartphone company is challenging the status quo by building

This Swimsuit Acts Like An Invisible Life Jacket

By Adele Peters Just try to drown while wearing this swim gear. You

3-D Printing 101

By Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office It’s been more than 30 years

How To Create A Human-Centered Approach To Corporate Giving

By Mark Horoszowski and Ty Walrod Corporate giving and volunteer initiatives are kind

New approach to genetic analysis yields markers linked to complex diseases

By Anne Trafton | MIT News Office Many diseases, such as cancer, diabetes,

Researchers find unexpected magnetic effect

By David L. Chandler | MIT News Office A new and unexpected magnetic

The 30 Things We Learned at the 2016 99U Conference

By mccue99u We came. We learned. We made some sweet GIFs. The 8th

In India, Cows That Belch Less Could Mooooove The Needle On Climate Change

By Jessica Leber Cows create an awful lot of damaging emissions. What if

2.007 robots battle it out, revolutionary-style

By Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office On Thursday evening, just before nightfall,

Why You Might Pay A Lot More For Fuel (Because People Are Suing To Save The Planet)

By Terry Tamminen Gas is super cheap right now, but once people are

Growing A Beard Or Cutting Your Hair? Don’t Be Mad If Your Kid Freaks Out

By Charlie Sorrel Kids are bad at recognizing changes to faces, new research

Is Alignment Enough? Changing the Conversation to Build Stronger Partnerships Between Corporations and Social Enterprises

By Yasmina Zaidman On April 12th, Acumen and the Skoll Centre for Social

JJ Jackson joins MIT as diversity and inclusion officer

By MIT News Office Judy “JJ” Jackson has been named as MIT’s diversity

This App Helps Cyclists Avoid A City’s Most Polluted Streets

By Charlie Sorrel Riders in Toronto can now plan the cleanest route, even

National Academy of Sciences elects four MIT professors

By Anne Trafton | MIT News Office Four MIT faculty members have been

Instead Of Renting An Apartment, Sign A Lease That Lets You Live Around The World

By Adele Peters Roam provides short-term apartments with a communal feel, for today’s

The Merits of Giving Up on Your Ideas

By mccue99u Growing up, I had a Winston Churchill quote on my desk:

Fat-fighting nanoparticles

By Anne Trafton | MIT News Office Researchers at MIT and Brigham and

Breaking The Myth Of Being Self-Made

By Bob McKinnon Are people capable of actually understanding what led to their

Team wins prize for bringing rentable refrigeration to India’s food supply chain

By Rob Matheson | MIT News Office A team of MIT and Harvard

Apollo 13 commander James Lovell: “Crises don’t bother me anymore”

By Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office On April 14, 1970, 56 hours

MIT outlines progress on its five-year climate action plan

By Rob Matheson | MIT News Office Vice President for Research Maria Zuber

Ideacide: The Perils of Self-Censoring (And How You Can Stop It)

By seanblanda It’s one thing to reject the ideas of others…we do that

Can technology help teach literacy in poor communities?

By Larry Hardesty | MIT News Office For the past four years, researchers

Controlling RNA in living cells

By Anne Trafton | MIT News Office MIT researchers have devised a new

MIT's Open House attracts tens of thousands on Saturday

By Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office On Saturday, around 20,000 visitors were

Robert Birgeneau to receive Vannevar Bush award

By News Office Robert Birgeneau, professor emeritus in MIT’s Department of Physics and

Stop Trying to “Do It All”

By seanblanda It’s the most obvious fact in the world – or at

What Would The Starbucks Of Weed Look Like?

By Diana Budds Snoop has his own weed brand. So does Whoopi Goldberg.

Biobarrier explorer and dark matter theorist win MIT’s prestigious junior faculty award

By Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office Jesse Thaler, associate professor in the

Making electronics out of coal

By David Chandler | MIT News Office Jeffrey Grossman thinks we’ve been looking

In Understaffed Hospitals, This Vital Signs Cap For Babies Could Save Lives

By Ben Schiller When Sona Shah visited Uganda last summer, she could see

Study: Ancient tectonic activity was trigger for ice ages

By Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office For hundreds of millions of years,

These Bubble-Like Delivery Drones Are Safer In A Crash

By Adele Peters If drones start delivering pizza or Tylenol, or helping human

The Strategies And Tactics That Are Helping Tigers Make A Miraculous Comeback

By Carter Roberts A few years ago, I helped collar a Bengal tiger

Patching up Web applications

By Larry Hardesty | MIT News Office By exploiting some peculiarities of the

Superhero DNA Makes Some People Immune To Genetic Disease

By Charlie Sorrel Like a computer following its programming, our bodies follow the

Style Over Everything

By mccue99u From the earliest age, we’re taught to strive for perfection. We’re

Implantable device targets pancreatic cancer

By Anne Trafton | MIT News Office Pancreatic cancer is the third leading

MIT researchers look to the future

By David L. Chandler | MIT News Office Strung together by a series

A Crazy Map Of 250,000 Swimming Pools Reveals Los Angeles County’s Inequality

By Adele Peters The Los Angeles metro area is one of the most

How Is The Economy Actually Helping You?

By Bob McKinnon The American Dream is a powerful idea—but we’re letting it

Letter regarding the new director of the MIT Technology Licensing Office

By News Office The following letter was sent today to members of the

Nick Campbell: The Unexpected Benefits of Sharing Everything You Know

By seanblanda Nick Campbell starts every week with a tweet that says “Happy

Study finds unexpected long-range particle interactions

By David L. Chandler | MIT News Office Moving bodies can be attracted

Watch This Creepy, Smart Octopus Robot Move Like The Real Thing

By Charlie Sorrel Like a real cephalopod, the Octobot has legs that think

Cataloguing The World’s Disappearing Places In Stunning, 360-Degree Video

By Adele Peters Catalog.Earth wants to make sure people can explore threatened places

Identity theft?

By Peter Dizikes | MIT News Office The vast global trend toward computer-driven

Can Agriculture Work Without Bees? California’s Almond Farmers Are Trying

By Adele Peters With bees in decline, the self-pollinating Independence almond tree is

Taking on melanoma, one cell at a time

By News Office The following is adapted from a Q&A published today by

How Creatives Can Beat the Torturously-Slow Payment Process

By mccue99u Trying to get paid on time as a creative is the

America’s Oldest, Most Crumbling, Most Crowded Bridges, Mapped

By Ben Schiller More than 10% of the nation’s bridges are in need

Stabilizing quantum bits

By Larry Hardesty | MIT News Office Quantum computers are largely hypothetical devices

Reprogramming gut bacteria as “living therapeutics”

By Rob Matheson | MIT News Office An MIT spinout, Synlogic, is aiming

How Contact Lenses Lead To Dry Eyes–And How We Could Fix It

By Charlie Sorrel Stanford University scientists offer new insight into the eye’s “tear

Norma Jeanne Maloney: From Truck Driver to Complete Creative Control

By mccue99u Out on the sun-punched plains of central Texas, sign painter Norma

Regular Cigarettes Are Still Way Cheaper Than E-Cigarettes In Most Of The World

By Charlie Sorrel One of the selling points of e-cigs was to eliminate

Letter to Congress outlines role of MIT endowment

By MIT News Office Below is the text of a letter sent Friday

Connecting The Dots Between Childhood Struggles And Future Success

By Bob McKinnon The lasting effects of growing up poor.These factors that contribute

Easier access to patent data

By Peter Dizikes | MIT News Office Michelle K. Lee, under secretary of

These Short Films Show Inspiring Solutions To Homelessness

By Adele Peters A Bay Area filmmaker wanted to show how people can

If Only All Of America’s Crumbling Bridges Could Be Repaired This Fast

By Jessica Leber Our infrastructure is crumbling, but this fast bridge construction (which

Pharmacy on demand

By Anne Trafton | MIT News Office MIT researchers have developed a compact,

How The 2016 Olympic Logo and Font were Created

By mccue99u The Olympics is a place where dreams come true — including

President Serzh A. Sargsyan of Armenia visits MIT

By Peter Dizikes | MIT News Office President of Armenia Serzh A. Sargsyan

The Tube Map of London’s Long-Lost Secrets

By Charlie Sorrel Get ready to jump down a wonderful history rabbit hole.This

Prominent MIT economist and dean Lester Thurow dies at 78

By Peter Dizikes | MIT News Office The influential MIT economist and public

Freelancers, Add Your Unpaid Bills To The World’s Longest Invoice

By Adele Peters Here’s a place to vent about that client that stiffed

George Lois Has a Big Mouth

By mccue99u Everything about George Lois is big. His ideas. His basketball player-sized

Silicon Valley’s New Patent Office

Take a look right inside San Jose City Hall and you will see a new

Barry Schwartz – The Way We Think about Work Is Broken


Learn from Barry Schwartz in a great TED talk about why work today is broken

The Future of “Fair”

By Jonathan Kahn

Will the infantile sharing economy even get

Vote for Cognitio in the Chase Mission to Main Street Grants!

We are entered into the Chase Bank Mission Main Street Grants. If we win we

Happy Birthday Cognitio- Check out our New Website!

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Help us celebrate our birthday this week and with the launch of our

Great Ideas: Where Do They Come From?

Recently there has been some research coming out that seems to indicate it is our unconscious

The Art and Science of Innovation

Try starting a creative project and you’ll hear one of two things:

“We should plan methodically

Sustaining Innovation

Sure, innovation happens from time to time, but can we sustain it?

In the ‘90s, business

Habits of Innovation

If you want to innovate, how do you do it? Do creative and successful people