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Cognitio started with the understanding that anyone from anywhere can have great ideas that solve real world problems. We are at the beginning of the era of open innovation. Many ideas that could improve our lives are left unrealized because of regulation or lack resources and capital. Our attention must shift from having entrepreneurs that create short term wealth at the expense of long term sustainability to those that are intimately connected and committed to solving real world problems in their own countries with the tools they have access too. Cognitio was created to help entrepreneurs everywhere Capture, Encourage and Co-Ideate the world’s best ideas.

Cognitio’s threefold mission to help entrepreneurs everywhere.


1. The Beginning

Give Access to Innovation to Anyone who has Big Ideas and seeks to develop them.

Big Ideas can happen anywhere.

We seek to give a voice and place where Big Ideas can be captured, encouraged and developed.

2. The Right Tools

What problems could we solve if everyone had access to the right tools for innovation?

Our Creations

We have created tools for innovation that are easily accessible in the cloud to anyone who has a browser. They include Atlas, IdeaJot and future in depth tools for any innovator to use.

3. Connect Innovators

Bring together teams of innovators and guide them to be entrepreneurs.

Co-Ideate and Create Entrepreneurs

Help Innovators to Co-Ideate and come together to build teams of entrepreneurs that are addressing the worlds most pressing problems in a new innovative way. From the ground up.
Countries on Atlas
Sparks on IdeaJot
Team Cognitio Entrepreneurs

Meet the Lead Entrepreneurs at Cognitio.

Jonathan Kahn
Jonathan KahnChief Architect, Founder
With a generation of strategic planning and software architecture consulting experience in Enterprise Architecture, eBusiness, Process Management and Integration middleware, Mr. Kahn brings a visionary’s approach to Cognitio, leading innovation strategy for the company as well as aligning the overall vision with team execution across Delivery, Engagement and Executive Leadership.
Enterprise Architecture 93%
eBusiness 86%
Ronny Fehling
Ronny FehlingChief Technology Officer
He is an executive leader, and applies his extensive technical, business and strategic customer knowledge to lead teams in various areas toward innovative solutions. A Solution Architect by heart, he focuses on innovation in machine-to-machine data analysis, such as big and fast data, temporal databases, pattern detection & data mining.
Solution Engineering 96%
Cloud Computing 85%
Tim Rose
Tim RoseDirector of Operations
Tim Rose is the steward for Cognitio’s business operations and relationships. He brings creative corporate IT and software development experience, along with a sociologist’s innate view of what drives people, to help build and maintain mutual strategic partnerships.
IT and Software Development 89%
Strategic Partnerships 95%
Heather Frushour
Heather FrushourDirector of Marketing
She heads up the marketing team at Cognitio. She uses her technical and creative skills to craft a consistent and compelling message that speaks from the heart of all that Cognitio embodies. With her balance of technical design skills and team management abilities she is able to guide the team forward in their quest for innovation equality. She holds a Business management degree from Brigham Young University’s Marriott School of management and has a minor in Russian.
Brand Building 91%
Technical Design 85%
Paul Katcher
Paul KatcherDirector of Engagement
He is a graduate of Central Michigan University, where he studied History, as well as Cinematic Arts. Paul thrives as a freelance web developer, video producer, visual effects and motion graphics designer, record-label owner, musician, audio engineer and multi-media maestro. Paul enjoys problem solving, research, innovation, technology, collaboration, creating, teaching, music and perhaps most of all: spending time with his family. Paul is pleased to lead Engagement as we grow our user base.
UX Design 97%
Creative Projects 89%
Geert Weening
Geert WeeningLead Architect, Platforms
He has been integral in founding and creating the IdeaJot platform from the beginning of Cognitio. Geert helped co-found and infuse us with innovative and unmatched skills in the world of multi-platform technoloty development and delivery . He has had formative, direct experience with extremely successful and well known startups like Flipboard and Ripple Labs. His ability to create scalable and functional platforms using cutting edge code such as Node.js as well as the proven faves such as PHP, Java, CSS, Python, others has allowed Cognitio to launch IdeaJot, Atlas and other projects (in the works).
Node.js 98%
Full Stack Engineer 99%

Please contact us if you have questions about our mission, products, team or wish to offer or connect us with partners.