By Jonathan Kahn

Will the infantile [massively venture-backed – as it were] sharing economy even get a chance to breathe life into the market’s struggle for pricing leverage or “fair value” ? Granted there is some abuse out there, but I personally don’t buy the 75% statistic being cited. Do you ? The hotel industry seems to have had it too good for too long, with unchecked consolidation and acquisition cycles resulting in massive monopolies [literally] on real-estate and price-fixing evidence abounding… to the ultimate delight of the freshly recovered, [government-tax-payer propped] banking industry!

A series of recent rulings and legal moves to “crack down,” narrowing the latitude of sharing sites such as Uber and AirBnb (to name but two); to me it reeks of a disturbing reticence on the part of established businesses to spend more money on R&D, and dig deep to find novel ways to deliver good return/value to stakeholders/consumers; instead opting to leverage lobbying against an unassuming public, from East to West Coasts, alike. What does this mean for us ordinary humans, looking for signs of relief from spiraling inflation, on all fronts – housing, food, and energy ? I can’t imagine this approach ending well, except maybe in California, long considered progressive on many fronts (incidentally also the home of VC-lobbyists with the deepest pockets and the most to gain).

Personally, this entire boom/bust/rise cycle is starting to remind Napster cum Apple/Amazon debacle for media producers, only this time being about life’s necessities, not just content. I wonder how it will go ? What do You think about this ? Sound off here please…